The 10th annual Grilled Cheese Experience
February 1 – 29

While a passport is not necessary to participate in the GCE, it is the way to earn prizes. You will need to collect at least five (5) individual restaurant stickers to be eligible for prizes. The more stickers you collect, the more prizes you get! NOTE: The Cheesy Royalty stickers are for a prize drawing that is separate from the Restaurant Stickers.

Grand Prize – Two VIP/Early Entrance Tickets to FFLC’s premiere foodie event Chefs’ Night Out on April 8th.

  • For every 5 restaurant stickers you collect, you will get one entry into the Grand Prize drawing.
  • 5 stickers = 1 entry, 10 stickers = 2 entries, 15 stickers = 3 entries, and so forth.
  • The “Loved it, so Ate it Twice” stickers count toward total number of stickers for entries into the drawing.

Cheesy Royalty Prize – The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Kit

Restaurant Sticker Prizes – Based on the number of unique restaurant stickers collected, you will earn prizes as outlined below.

  • 25+ Stickers – One General Admission ticket to Chefs’ Night Out on April 8th, Plus a prize from each level below.
  • 18-24 Stickers – GCE stocking hat, plus two other prizes of your choice (excluding CNO Tickets)
  • 10-18 Stickers – GCE sports bag, plus one other prize of your choice (excluding CNO Tickets and stocking hat)
  • 5-9 Stickers – choice of prize from GCE items (excluding CNO Tickets, stocking hat, and sports bag)

Hashtag Prizes – Use #CheeseLuv24 on all your Facebook and Instagram grilled cheese posts for more chances to win prizes throughout February. Winner will be announced on social media.

Turn-In/Prize Pick-Up Event

March 1, 2024
12pm – 6pm
Kendall Subaru, 373 Goodpasture Island Rd, Eugene

Last Chance to earn a Cheesy Royalty Sticker AND a Restaurant Sticker. You can also pick up prizes that you’ve earned based on the number of stickers you collect.