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Listen every weekday at 4:10 for a chance to play!


MYSTERY SOUND so listen to the sound as much as you need to – and get ready to play every afternoon at 4:10- be the first to correctly identify the sound and the cash jackpot is yours!

We’ll take one contestant every day and either add $$$ to the jackpot – or give away the hot county cash!  New Clues every Friday on US 101!

#1: Smaller than an Air Fryer
#2 Can be used alone or with friends
#3 Not sharp but not smooth
#4 Usually used inside
#5 They’re a safer bet
#6 NOT heavy
#7 Fun for young and old
#8 NOT normally found in the kitchen
#9 What a light weight!
#10 No Shaking required
#11 Always hanging around
#12 No metal or wood
#13 Good eye hand coordination
#14 It’s recreational
#15 PAY ATTENTION to this past weeks guesses – they’ve got us headed in the right direction!
#16 Couldn’t have happened before 1955
#17 It feels like it sounds
#18 Some people keep score
#19 It’s NOT the real deal
#20 Start ’em young!
#21:It takes both hands!
#22: it’s sticky to some things
#23 You can do it with your eyes closed
#24 Don’t get dizzy

Incorrect guesses:

Wednesday 6/7  A velcro cord organizer
Tuesday 6/6 Putting something in a paper bag
Monday 6/5 Squirting a squirt gun
Friday 6/2  A hula hoop
Thursday 6/1 Toy hand-cuffs jingling
Wednesday 5/31 Rubbing the soft sides of velcro together
Tuesday 5/30 Pulling a vvelcro ball off a velcro dart board
Friday 5/26 An ice machine dispensing ice 
Thursday 5/25   Playing  catch with velcro paddles
Wednesday 5/24 Rolling a tennis ball between two velcro paddles
Tuesday 5/23 Playing Bananagrams (2nd guess)
Monday 5/22 Rolling a velcro ball on a velcro dart board
Friday 5/19  Using your hands to mix up the puzzle pieces in a box
Thursday 5/18 Playing Jack (2nd time guesed) 
Wednesday 5/17 Casting a fishing rod 
Tuesday 5/16  Pulling a velcro ball off a velcro paddle (2nd day!)
Monday 5/15 Pulling a velcro ball off a velcro paddle 
Friday 5/12  Marbles being rubbed in your hands
Thursday 5/11 velcro ball being rubbed against a dart board
Tuesday 5/10 Beads rolling in your hand
Monday 5/9 beads on abacus
Friday 5/5  Rolling dice in hand
Thursday 5/4 Building a paper airplane
Wednesday 5/3 A telegraph machine
Tuesday 5/2 Shaking dice
Monday 5/1 Shuffling a deck of cardsFriday 4/28   A SlinkyThursday 4/27   Shuffling cardsWednesday 4/26  Shuffling cards
Tuesday 4/25 Using magnetic bingo wand to pick up bingo chips 
Monday 4/24 Dumping a puzzle out on to a table
Friday 4/21 Throwing Pick up sticks on to a table
Thursday 4/20 Pullling scrabble tiles out of a bag
Wednesday 4/19 Running your hands along the branch of an artificial Christmas Tree
Tuesday 4/18   Rubbing two Yatzhee bonus chips together between your fingers
Monday 4/17  Rubbing two poker chips together
Friday 4/14 Dropping yatzhee bonusc chips on to a table
Thursday 4/13  Rubbing a ping pong ball
Wednesday 4/12  Running your hands along the pegs of a dart board
Tuesday 4/11  Opening a breath mint
BONUS:  Playing with a magnetic fishing game
Monday 4/10 Playing Yahtzee (2nd guess)
Friday 4/7   Picking out a peg while playing Battleship
Thursday 4/6  A wind-up car
Wednesday 4/5 Playing Pick Up Sticks
Tuesday  4/4 Digging through legos
Monday 4/3  Hail!
Friday 3/31 Opening and closing vertical blinds
Thursday 3/30 Rewinding a video or cassette tape with a pencil
Wednesday 3/29 Playing with a video game joy stick
Tuesday 3/28  Playing Banana-gram
Monday 3/27 Playing “Don’t Spill the Beans”
Friday 3/24 Playing video games
Thursdsay 3/23  Putting up scaffolding
Wednesday 3.22  Putting together a jigssaw puzzle
Tuesday 3/21 Radio Static
Monday 3/20 Squirting a squirt gun
Friday 3/17 A card shuffling machine
Thursday 316 Playing electronic darts
Wednesday 3/15 Squeezing a hackie sack
Tuesday 3/14 A beaded door curtain
Monday 3/13 Trying to tune in a transistor radio
Friday 3/10 A hula hoop
Thursday 3/9  A rock tumbler
Wednesday 3/8 Pouring rice in to a rice cooker
Tuesday 3/7 Dumping legos on to the floor
Monday 3/6 Shuffling poker chipts (2nd time guessed)
Friday 3/3 NO CONTEST
Thursday 3/2 NO CONTEST
Wednesday 3/1  A solar-powered dashboard hula doll
Tuesday 2/28 Playing Bop It
Monday 2/27 Dropping poker chips in your hand
Friday 2/24 Spinning the spinner on a twister board
Thursday 2/23 Spinning a coin
Wednesday 2/22 candy falling out of a pinata!
Tuesday 2/21  Filing Mail (collating)
Monday 2/20 A washing machine
Friday 2/17  Stringing up lights
Thursday 2/16 A charm bracelet jangling
Wednesday 2/15 Crinkling TIn Foil
Tuesday 2/14 Playing with a Barrel of Monkeys (the game)
Monday 2/13 Water shooting out of a shower head
Friday 2/10 Turning over a rain stick (musical instrument)
Thursday 2/9  Shaking the jacks (from the game)
Wednesday 2/8 An A/C unit runing
Tuesday 2/7 Pouring coins into a coin counting machine
Monday 2/6 A Bill counting machine
Friday 2/3 Pouring marbles into a jar
Thursday 2/2 Shaking a etch a sketch to clear it
Wednesday 2/1 Shaking a bag of checkers
Tuesday 1/31 Dumping a bag of small rocks on a hard counter / surface
Monday 1/30 Running through sprinklers
Friday 1/27 Fizz from a beer
Thursday 1/26 Beer Pong ball spinning in a Red Solo Cup
Wednesday 1/25 Bingo balls rolling in a Bingo cage
Tuesday 1/24 Playing with dominos
Monday 1/23 Charms on a bracelet jingling
Friday 1/20 A Kalidoscope (repeat guess)
Thursday 1/19 A manual hand mixer
Wednesday 1/18 An Uno Attack Game
Tuesday 1/17  Shaking Dice
Monday 1/16 Shaking scrabble tiles in a bag
Friday 1/13 A needle skipping at the end of  a reccord
Thursday 1/12  Electrical wires sparking
Wednesday 1/11 A Shake Weight!
Tuesday 1/10 An Electric Can Opener
Monday 1/9 Playing with/ turning a kalidoscope
Friday 1/6 Shuffling playing cards
Thursdasy 1/5 Eating pop rocks
Wednesday 1/4 Popping a confetti “popper”
Tuesday 1/3 Playing with / Sweeping up broken glass
Monday 1/2 NO CONTEST Happy New Year!
Friday 12/30 Slurping the bottom of a drink through a straw
Thursday 12/29 Opening a champagne bottle
Wednesday 12/28  Dropping poker chips
Tuesday 12/27  Using a hand held pencil sharpener
Friday 12/23 A waffle iron sizzling
Thursdasy 12/22 Stirring a drink with ice with a metal straw
Wednesday 12/21 Jangling your keys
Tuesday 12/20 Grinding coffee beans ina coffee  grinder
Monday 12/19 Shaking/Popping popcorn in a pot on the stovetop
Friday 12/16 Shaking earrings in your hand
Thursday 12/15 Money being run through a money counting machine
Wednesday 12/14 Wrapping a present in cellophane
Tuesday 12/13 Shaking ice in a cocktail shaker
Monday 12/12 Using a blender on liquid mode
Friday 12/9 Shaking a salt & pepper shaker
Thursdsay 12/8 Slurping a liquid in your mouth
Wednesday 12/7  Pouring popcorn kernals into a pop corn maker
Tuesday 12/6  Shaking a package of Christmas Light fuses
Monday 12/5 Bacon being fried on a pan
Friday 12/2 Shaking Poker chips in hand
Thursday 12/1 Cash Register paper coming out of register
Wednesday 11/30 A printer coallating papers
Tuesday 11/29 Rolling & unrolling measuring tape
Monday  11/28 Playing with Mardi Gras beads
Friday 11/25 No Contest today
Thursday 11/24 HAPPY THANKSGIVING No Contest today
Wednesday 11/23 Going through Christmas ornaments
Tuesday 11/22 Untangling Christmas Lights
Monday 11/21  Putting tinsel on a christmas tree

What was the sound????


Congrats to Kaylee in Junction CIty for winning the record breaking $1790 jackpot!